Erika Hawley L.Ac, MSAOM

Mission Statement
"To assist people in attaining balance, well being and a deepened awareness of their body, mind and spirit by offering gentle techniques that facilitate transformation, self awareness and provide lasting results"

"I love supporting my clients on the road to greater health and improved well-being.

Education, Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Reiki and Essential Oils all aid the process on every level- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual."


The human being is a WHOLE person, and is affected physically by thought/emotion and vice versa.  Erika delights in inspiring transformation and increasing a positive outlook on current life challenges.  Her goal is to provide tools to help individuals become aware of the choices that will serve them the best, let go of resistance and move beyond feeling stuck, whether that is in mind/body or spirit.  Empathic listening skills contribute to the overall feeling of support and depth in each session.


  Erika Says of her work "As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Reiki Master/Teacher I enjoy empowering others to heal themselves.  With my background and training in “listening”, I am able to facilitate greater flow and connection for a client, in turn allowing them to participate in clearing old blocks and transforming belief systems that may be outdated and ready to be released.   This allows for lasting results that can bring true healing and peace to a person and  then flow out into the community, to families, relationships and ultimately the world.

Background and Training:

Nationally Certified in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine by the NCCAOM 2005-current

California state Licensed Acupuncturist 2011-current

Washington State Licensed Acupuncturist 2005-2011

2005 Masters in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine-Bastyr University, WA

2004 Bachelor of Science- Bastyr University, WA

2002 Associate in Health Sciences-Psychology, TVI, NM

Additional Certifications:

2003 Foot Reflexology certificate (Ingham and Rwo Shur Method) WA

2004 Level 1-3 completion in Cranio Sacral Therapy- Upledger institute, WA

2004 Level 1 completion in Visceral Manipulation-Barral Institute, WA

2005 Completion of Masters program at the Shuguang Hospital of TCM in Shanghai China

-Traumatology, Gynecology and Internal Medicine

2006 Acupuncture Without Borders Volunteer, New Orleans LA

2007 Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate, WA

2009 Four months course in Yogic studies, Bihar School of Yoga, India

2011 Level 1 Teacher of Satyananda Yoga, Yoga Academy of North America, Ohio

2018 Certified Aroma freedom Practitioner, CA

2018 Integrating Chinese and Functional Medicine Certificate, CA

2019 USUI/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher level 3, CA

2021 Founded Embrace Qi Inc, 501C3