Feeling the Need for a Reset?

Updated: Mar 14

Consider a 10 Day Cleanse!

Spring and Fall are the best times to honor our bodies and shed some of our layers! New routines, changing temps, and light shifting ....and a deeper focus on nourishment can help ease transitions and honor whats next. Cleansing helps to: - Clear excess heat from the body from summer - Take time to slow down and invite stillness; reconnect with self, health and new routines - Focus on the lungs and large intestines- receive the good and release the stuck and stagnant past! Keep the immune system strong and healthy. -Perfect time of year to clear out the old and make room for new inspiration and dreams within the body/mind as well as external environments - Prepare for the holidays and the winter season -It's easy and fun! Many of you have been asking if I recommend a certain type of cleanse. The Balance cleanse created by Standard Process is one of the best I've seen and I use it myself. (I prefer eating cleanses vs. fasting and this one involves a lot of yummy eating!) Cleansing not only helps the body let go of toxins but also invites a reset in hydration, daily routines, and lifestyle choices. It is modifiable to your diet preferences and can be done if you are vegan, vegetarian or a carnivore or have special dietary needs. If this sounds intriguing or you wonder if you really need a cleanse? Take the Toxicity Questionnaire to determine your toxic load and which systems need a reboot! *Please take notes about the categories and results while taking it so we can adequately support your unique needs and customize your protocol. If you want to more about the details of this program, see the Standard Process website here. If you decide to join us or have questions, please click here to send a quick email to Robyn to sign up. *You can also decide your own timing and do the cleanse when it works best for you. PLEASE NOTE: The above cleanse protocol is great for general maintenance and rebooting. HOWEVER, if you have struggled to lose weight in the past, and need to make more significant lifestyle changes, you may benefit from more one-on-one support. If so, reach out to Robyn. Did you know she is a certified nutrition coach? AND a wonderful yoga teacher?? Thank you for your interest, presence and curiosity! We look forward to connecting with you soon~

In Health, Erika Eddy L.Ac, MSAOM Robyn Hastin, RYT 500, CNC

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