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Happy New Year 2022!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

I love this quote I found recently; “Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings.” By Jonathan Lockwood Huie Why do I love it you might ask? Not because its easy, but because it hints to what else is possible when we let go and allow our life to be lets in the idea that something else will be experienced after the "ending", and that IS something to celebrate! And yet, it is easy to stay focused on what has ended and feel down or as though we have failed or remain in fear of the future. This quote is helping me see that differently and I thought it might help you too. As always, just like the Yin and Yang, life is always shifting and changing from endings into new beginnings. Cycles and seasons that guide our lives with unrelenting momentum until its end. Our perceptions keep shifting with each season and stage of life. Perception is really all we have isnt it? Lets join together toward the next phase knowing there are new beginnings ahead...and intentionally shift our perspective toward that idea that it could be good... or even 'Better than Expected" perhaps?! I'm so grateful to have the lens of Chinese Medicine to see life through, as it reinforces that cycles and endings are a natural part of our experience. Although uncomfortable sometimes, these cycles are correct for what we need to learn and grow and evolve in order to experience the richest and most full life possible. That part is pretty good right? Each ending has opened a door and all have led to what is unfolding now... For me these endings have led to a couple pretty amazing realizations and events occurring this year. Here are my top 3 for 2022 to share with you so far. What could you choose to celebrate today? 1) 2022 officially marks my 17th year in practice. WOW! Where has the time gone? As they say, time flies when youre having fun! What a blessing it is to still be able to be of service to you all through so many shifts and changes that have occurred over the years. So many endings have led to this beginning, today. I am grateful for all the beautiful people whom I have had the honor to meet and support and learn from over the years. Allowing my authentic self to lead the way has been the biggest blessing to come out of all those learnings and endings thus far...and is what allows me to do this work now in this unique way for you today! So heres a funny picture to acknowledge this passage of time :) * Photo of me below taken in 2005 at the Shuguang Hospital in Shanghai China. This is where I finished my Masters degree training in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I have wanted so much in my life to be able to do something to help on a bigger scale, something that makes sense long term and can potentially help a lot more people in the future and so I decided to start a non-profit... 2) Welcome Embrace Qi Inc! We are officially approved for 501C3 status...yay! As some of you may know, being of service and offering Acupuncture to specialized populations and has been a passion of mine for many years. It is something that I have done at different times during my career, including volunteering with Acupuncturists Without Borders after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2006. I am happy to be able to begin to give back in this way once again. Stay tuned for offerings as this branch of our practice takes root and begins to grow over the next few years. And please do apply if the information below creates a burden- Embrace Qi is here to help lighten that up a little. 3) I'm Getting MARRIED! 2-2-22 After a long wait from our engagement 2 years ago, we finally decided to set a date and go for it. And yes, we went a little wild with the 2s for the date... Lol. We are so excited! I wouldnt generally share this in the newsletter but because so many of you have been asking how I am doing (and thank you for that!) I thought I would give you some insight here and let you know as it does affect the schedule a little. The office will be closed the first week of February in celebration of this moment. It means the world for Gere and I to be able to share a small ceremony with close family and friends to honor and witness this commitment. I am so grateful to have found not only the love of my life, but my best friend and his wonderful family! Thank you all for your good wishes and support. New Hours 2022 Tues/Thurs 12-6 pm Mon/Wed 10-4 pm *By Appointment only There will be a slight adjustment to the hours that treatments are available this year, so that Erika can cultivate a better work/life balance in order to serve you at the highest level and remain healthy herself. Thank you for understanding and taking care of yourself accordingly. We understand this may affect your treatment plan and do apologize if that is the case. We appreciate your flexibility, understanding and willingness to shift with us or to follow what fulfills your needs. New Rates *Effective starting 2/1/22 60 Min: $120 75 min: $150 90 min: $180 * Evergreen Herbal formulas will increase by $1 each * Less than 24 hour cancellation fee is now $65 *If this rate increase creates a financial hardship for you, please consider applying for a reduced rate through the new 501c3, Embrace Qi Inc. That is what the non-profit is created for, to help expand care and services for you! If you are curious, want to know more or apply, email Robyn at with EMBRACE QI in the title. She can guide you through the application process. Please apply early as space is limited. Applications can begin right away. Please note:

  • All sessions include a blend of modalities based on both need and preference.

  • All modalities can be included in any length of treatment as time allows ie; cupping, gua sha, Reiki, essential oils, Aroma Freedom technique, guided relaxation support, herbal medicine, supplement prescriptions, lifestyle tips etc..

  • If you are needing more in depth body work, support for a new issue, help making lifestyle and perspective shifts, or want more time just because its wonderful! please book 75 or 90 min session.

  • The 60 min session is designed to help you maintain growth and relief of a particular issue and maintain health and well being. Works great for a "tune up" or when things feel mostly in balance but need support.

We encourage you to take a moment before arriving for treatment to get clear on what you want support with and what/how you might envision that support or what requests you may have. I consider this time as a sacred space to answer your questions and open to all that is possible for healing. The more present you are, the greater the gifts that can be received! In the next few weeks, Robyn will be asking for updated contact info, credit card authorization and acknowledgement of current policies. We appreciate your help and patience as we make these updates. In Health, Positivity and Peace~

Erika Eddy L.Ac, MSAOM and Robyn Hastin *Assistant Extraordinaire, CNC RYT 500

805-424-3138 Voice 805-257-2511 Text

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