"Tick-borne illness ravaged my body and mind for over a year leaving behind a person damaged physically, socially, and spiritually.  After a 10-month treatment program I was on my road to recovery, but still had significant residual effects of my illness.  There is no defined treatment program for those suffering with Post-Lyme Treatment Syndrome.  I felt alone and vulnerable until I met Erika.  She provided me the keys to unlock doors of acceptance, understanding, and healing through her multifaceted treatment process.  Additionally, Erika gave me the confidence to move forward in a healthy and productive manner.  I will be forever grateful to Erika." 
~Louis Cappel, Atascadero 2020

"I sought out acupuncture treatments from Erika to help me navigate the transition into my new path as a bodyworker and yoga teacher. As I stepped into “giving” roles professionally, Erika helped me replenish and maintain my own energetic and physical wells so that I could show up more fully for my clients and students. Her treatments are comprehensive and thorough: I noticed huge improvements in my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being as she gently guided me into a deeper sense of Self. I particularly appreciated her way of seamlessly fusing multiple modalities and how she allowed her intuition speak through her insights and move her through our sessions."

~Connor Cutler, CMT and 200 RYT, SLO 2020

"I have had many sessions with Erika and consider her to be an extremely gifted and intuitive healer. Her sessions are much more than acupuncture which, in itself, is a wonderful healing experience. I am able to feel energy and the movement, balancing, and release of blocks in my body so for me experiencing Erika’s healing sessions is both fascinating and extremely beneficial on so many levels. 

I am deeply grateful for Erika and her desire to help humanity. 

~Melissa G Richardson

Author and Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

Avila Beach, 2020

"Erika is extremely compassionate and very dedicated to her patients!  Her knowledge on so many levels never ceases to amaze me. She is wise beyond her years!  My body is feeling so much better with regular treatments and I look forward to each appointment with Erika as a place of peace and calm to reset my body to a state of balance. 
Penny Z, Arroyo Grande 2020

"I see the service you give and everything in me wants you to receive what you give others. It’s not a small deal to give as selflessly as you do. And you do it all the time with a degree of professionalism and compassion that is phenomenal. Your presence is what heals and you know that. You create a safe, loving space that is invaluable. Your life is your gift to us all and I for one am eternally grateful for the support you gave me." 
Ann Marie Tomney MD, San Luis Obispo 2019

"I had never seen an acupuncture specialist prior to Erika. A friend of mine who is her patient highly recommended her when I complained of pain from an RSI injury. I only live part-time in the Central Coast area, so it took about 6 weeks to see her in person. But Erika was so helpful and provided suggestions via email and even recommended that I find an acupuncture specialist locally till I was able to see her. I was really impressed with her holistic approach to health and wellness at our first appointment. Though I went to get treatment for RSI, she provided recommendations for sleep issues which I have battled with for years. In two months, I'm sleeping better and also experiencing less pain with RSI. I recommend Erika not just for expertise, but her kind and gentle care."

-Marina Kubiak Paso Robles, 2020

Erika Eddy is an amazing healer! I've seen many different medical professionals and no one has been able to make me feel the way she does. After each session with Erika, I've walked away with feeling like I've learned something new about myself . She works on a deeper level -- she not only works on points within the body to assist with alleviating issues, but she works on a therapeutic level that helps transform the soul. She sits with you and guides you to determine what your underlying issues are. She takes the time to ask questions, listens patiently, and assists with visualization so her patient's can find their inner voice. She has assisted me in accessing a part of myself that I normally do not access and gather information from deep inside to help guide me through difficult times. Erika also provides me with helpful tools so that when I walk out of her office, I have the ability to continue the positive progress that was achieved during our session.”

-DD San Luis Obispo 2016

“Well because of Erika and acupuncture I have been in remission from dermatomyositis for over 2 years. I was able to do this without steroids, chemical injections or ivig infusions.I also have become a quieter and more calm person. I no longer have as much anger or frustration at work, with my kids or in everyday life. I have also healed from two injuries, one to my knee and the other to my back.I enjoy talking thru my issues with her, finding peace within myself.I enjoy drinking tea, and like that it can replace the need for an alcoholic drink in the evenings to relax and calm me after a stressful day.I appreciate the vitamins, herbs, and 'do it yourself' cleansing that she has shown me as well.Acupuncture has almost diminished my itchy scalp, red psoriasis and eczema on my legs. Overall my body and soul look forward to each session and it rejuvenates my energy and passion levels.”-MJ, Los Osos 2018

"Erika has been very supportive and NON judgmental in her approach with me and I am so appreciative of that!  I have suffered with chronic illness for over two decades now and find much relief in this inclusive approach. She has suggested books and other tools (vitamins, exercises, etc) that will support me in my journey to spiritual enlightenment and growth, and ones that will help me with mental blocks that keep me stuck in my old ways of thinking.

Having someone who I can ask questions to and also clarify my thinking about my health and my stressors has been of great help. Erika has also been great to communicate with my doctor if I've had questions about my supplements or treatments.  Learning to trust my intuition is still new to me even though it has been there all along. Suggestions/guidance she has given me for other ways to look at situations has been very helpful as well. I love that she also use the oils, stones, and other tools in practice to work on me besides just the needles. The little ear seeds have served as a reminder each week as I see them on my arms to stay on tract.  By the way, she is very gentle with the needles which I also appreciate. Although I might still have some body pain when I leave an appointment, I always leave feeling better about myself and feel a shift in my attitude and more confidence after seeing Erika!

-MI, San Luis Obispo 2017